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Palm Beach Hotel Famagusta North Cyprus

This is a hotel review for Palm Beach Hotel in Famagusta, North Cyprus

“Remarkable food and a great place to stay”

The new Palm Beach seems, much moreso in my opinion than the original, to deserve its 5-star status. There is definitely a bespoke feel to the place now which I felt was completely missing upon my last visit. It's really pleasant to feel that you've chosen a hotel that offers a service or a venue which is somehow unique, and I definitely got that impression.

Other reviewers have mentioned how nice the new restaurant is, but I don't really feel they've done it justice. The food there is quite remarkable in both quality and variety, and presented surprisingly well for that style of dining. I was expecting to have to go out into nearby Famagusta to locate a decent restaurant but I found the food outside the hotel to be less impressive than the stuff I ate inside to be honest.

The staff at the hotel are largely the same as before, which was a smart move. They were easily the high point of my last stay and although I'd forgotten everyone's names I was happy to see some familiar faces. As per usual, they were friendly but unobtrusive and always ready with a smile and a good morning greeting.

The sauna and gym facilities are a great place to relax, and the masseurs' services are a must for after a hard workout. If there is a negative side to that, it's that I spent a bit too much time indoors and didn't catch as much sun as I'd have liked. That said, I also returned home in better shape than I normally do (sunburnt and ten pounds heavier from excess beer consumption) so it balances out nicely.

The only drawback for me, not being a gambling person, was how much of the hotel had been taken up by the newly expanded casino. As you can imagine, there is a fair amount of noise pollution from the visitors there (many of which are only visiting for the purpose of gambling) and I personally feel that the hotel would be much nicer without it.

All in all though, a fantastic hotel and one I hope to see again.

Liked — fantastic staff who were very helpful - remarkable food
Disliked — A little noisy at times

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Reviewer Details

  • Name: Glen Harrison
  • Location: West Midlands
  • Review Date: Oct 31, 2012
  • Date of Stay: October 2012
  • Travelled With: family trips to northern cyprus

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