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Malpas Hotel Kyrenia North Cyprus

This is a hotel review for Malpas Hotel in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

“Please no moanachondriacs in the Malpas!‏”

A good moan is one of the defining characteristics of the British, particularly those from Larnaca who try and pop over to the bright side of the island for a few cheap, really unaffordable days, in a 5* Hotel. If you can't afford the prices, stay away! I certainly don't want a moanachondriac staying in my favourite hotel!

Choosing a hotel is rather like buying a car; you do your homework, investigate, and then consider if you can afford to stay in an upmarket hotel rather than Butlins or a 2*. Spending time reading Trip Advisor or North Cyprus Hotel Reviews will give you a fair assessment of the sort of hotel you may be considering to stay at.

Everyone of course has their own personal perspective about everything and it is obvious that CBD does not do her due dilligence at all! If you really cannot afford to stay at a 5* then please don't moan and groan about their standards, stay in your usual environment. I don't know of many class hotels which allow foodstuffs and drink from the outside into their premises. You can order water in most hotels in North Cyprus without resorting to the mini bar. 1.5 litres only cost TLr5- and that doesn't break the bank. When travelling with a smalll child you really do need to do your homework, not leave it to chance and live by default! Please also stop comparing the wine in your supermarket to those in hotels, just buy one and stay at home!

Sea View rooms can be obtained if you care to pay the extra few pounds. If you need to use the Gym or swimming pools why didn't you bring your own slippers and dressing gown? Surely you had the choice, all the way from Larnaca?!

Coffee or Tea only costs TLr 5 and can be ordered should you so desire a cuppa, or you could perhaps bring your own little kettle and cups with you. The location for many is fantastic!

Please don't come back. Stay in Larnaca, imprisoned in your little environment ...

As a Brit I am ashamed of my fellow moaning countrymen ... and apologise to all Turkish Cypriots and the Malpas!

I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 week stay in December as did my 13 other friends comprising singles and couples from far and wide!

Long live the Malpas and their staff!

Liked — Everything
Disliked — moanachondriacs

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Reviewer Details

  • Name: Walker Scott
  • Location: Cornwall - Cheshire
  • Review Date: Jan 6, 2012
  • Date of Stay: December 2011
  • Travelled With: With Myself!

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