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Malpas Hotel Kyrenia North Cyprus

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“Our holiday was ruined by complete and utter dishonesty!”

I booked a holiday with Cyprus Premier to stay for a week at the Malpas Hotel with family and friends this April. We chose the Malpas after a recommendation from friends who had visited, as well as the glowing reviews it received on this site and TripAdvisor.

Everything was running smoothly and we were thoroughly looking forward to the holiday until two days before, when we received a phone call stating that we would have to move to another hotel. We were told that the third floor of the Malpas Hotel had a plumbing problem and that many of the rooms were flooded. At the time I thought it was a little strange, particularly so close to the holiday date, and decided to look further into it.

My wife and I have a friend living in Kyrenia so we asked her to check out the situation. She managed to find out that recently, including the week of our holiday, the Malpas had over-booked and therefore couldn't accommodate all of their guests. They had blatantly spun us a lie to try and get rid of us. Not only are we disgusted with the way we were treated and lied to, it completely ruined our holiday as the other hotels we were offered did not compare to the Malpas.

We were truly lucky to have received the phone call about the change in hotel. Had we been out or away we would have arrived in Cyprus with absolutely nowhere to stay. I strongly advise people to think twice about booking the Malpas. It may sound like a good option but I wouldn't trust them to be loyal to their customers. They have proven that they can cancel at any point.

I cannot stress how disappointed I am about the whole experience. We go to North Cyprus every year and this has put a real downer on our opinions of the place. I certainly would not recommend the Malpas to anyone or ever contemplate staying there in the future.


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  • Name: John
  • Location: Southampton
  • Review Date: Apr 13, 2009
  • Date of Stay: April 2009
  • Travelled With: family and friends

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