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“Blissful Idleness, Peace & Quiet!”

My previous reviews have covered most aspects of enjoying a stay at the Malpas Hotel so I see no need to repeat the praise and constructive suggestions previously mentioned. I enjoyed this stay as much as the many others and it covered the period 24 February to 31 March 2013. The weather was reasonable but a little cooler and blowy than the same period last year but still warm and enjoyable.

The winter period special deals for all and especially for singles like me were welcome and much appreciated. For that I thank the travel agency, and in my case, the Malpas Hotel. Long may the winter period deals continue and hopefully in the near future we may see some summer period deals for singles appear, one can only dream! Oh yes, i must mention that because of these good deals during the winter months you may find that your patience can be tested with the odd eccentric and selfish character who may take advantage of such deals .. I tend to allow them to enjoy their moment and experience.

I wrote a review a year ago titled "Please no Moanachondriacs in the Malpas" so won't spend too much time dwelling on this subject except to say that despite a few British "professional" moaners residing in the hotel during my stay, I decided that they would not disturb my tranquility. They did however, sometimes irritate with their constant whining. It was as if from day 1 they delighted in making mental and verbal observations about anything and everything that moved, comparing everything always and in all ways with 4/5* hotels in UK, USA and elsewhere. They are of course entitled to their opinions and i acknowledge that everything is a matter of personal perspective. The culture here is a lovely family orientated laid back one where change comes slowly. If you take off the average costs of flights and airport transfers from the package deals and work out what you are actually paying for staying at such a lovely hotel on HB then i truly believe that you will have to recognise that you are indeed getting a bargain compared with similarly rated good grade hotels in the UK and USA. Even B&B s in UK charge a great deal more than what you pay to stay in the Malpas during the winter months on a holiday package! So Gratitude should be the Attitude!

With regards to the Star Rating System, many people do not realise that there is at the moment no agreed or adopted international classification system. There have been attempts at unifying the classification system so that it becomes an internationally recognised and reliable standard, but they have all failed. The Star Rating system in North Cyprus differs from those in the UK and USA and visitors should take this into account ...

Let me now go through what i would advise visitors new to the Malpas Hotel & Casino to be aware of and most of these comments would also apply to the majority of hotels in North Cyprus:

* Tap water is not suitable for ingestion and as such you need to purchase your water for personal consumption. Through the hotel it will cost 5TLr for a 1.5 L bottle. The same water in the supermarkets costs a fraction at .80TLr however you are not allowed to bring drink and food purchased outside of the hotel complex into the hotel. The notices are displayed at the entrance and if any attempt is made to do this blatantly then the Doormen will confiscate the items. How do you spell succinctly again?

* The Hotel does not provide Irons and Ironing Boards. Their Laundry Service is expensive and I advise anyone staying a few weeks to use the local laundry shops which provide the same service at only a fraction of the hotel costs.

* The hotel Mini Bars provide a small selection of items of refreshments and snacks which range between 5Tlr and 15Tlr. The items which are left out on the writing desk are not free. They would dramatically increase the turnover and profits if they offered holiday package guests mini bar deals such as pricing all items at 5TLr each during their stay.

* The rooms do not have a coffee or tea making facility however you can buy it downstairs in the jazz bar for around 5TLr..

* The open evening buffet is varied and fresh and provides ample choice and in my opinion is more than adequate for most palates ... however refreshments are not provided gratis. The breakfast open buffet also provides a nice selection and if you fancy such things as toast and or a rasher of bacon then please ask the chef as they are more than happy to help. Basic cereals, yogurts, fresh fruit, salads, american pancakes, fresh eggs for frying, omelettes, boiled and scrambled eggs, baked beans, potatoes, and odds and sods are all provided. Breakfast refreshments such as coffee, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate, tea, water and juices are provided gratis for your enjoyment .... during the period 0700 - 1030 hours.

* WiFi is provided and functions well most of the time for which there is a charge. Having said that there are two computers next to reception which you can use for free if you wish to do some email checking and research.

* The hotel provides a good Spa and Gym facility downstairs which includes an indoor swimming pool, saunas and steam rooms ...

* Dress code for dining is smart casual although this is not always enforced in the open buffet restaurant. There is no requirement to dress formally as most, regardless of their background, dress casually.

* The Hotel provides a shuttle bus at around 1000 and 1100 hours which will take you down to the central car park in Kyrenia and pick you up at around 1600 hours. This service is good and free. I think this service would be enhanced if it provided one more pick up at 1400 hours for those guests who would like to return after 3 or 4 hours down town.

* This hotel is not in a walking area and a little too far from Kyrenia for walking as there are no pedestrian footpaths. So unless you are happy to use the shuttle bus or take the local buses, which pass nearby, into town then you will need a car. Car rentals are reasonable and for a small car in the summer average around 14-18 per day all inclusive.

There is no real beach within walking distance of the hotel. The nearest sandy beach is situated at the Acapulco hotel some 5 minutes drive away but they often restrict access.

* The Casino is a separate business entity and is worthwhile visiting if you like a gamble. You can play on the machines with a small wager of around 5-8 to test the machines. Refreshments and snacks are free whilst you are enjoying yourself there. It can though be a little smoky at times.

* They will change currency for you and the rate is reasonable and there is an international money withdrawal kiosk outside near the casino entrance where you can use your debit cards.

* Local Mobile Phone SIM cards can be purchased for around 13TLr with adequate credit included, which come in handy if your phone is unlocked.

* The hotel is a quiet one, one of the reasons i enjoy staying there, but it is not everyone's cup of tea. Entertainment is sparse and if and when provided, only of adequate quality and maybe two to three times a week depending on time of year. It is not Las Vegas!

The staff are good across the board so don't be deterred by austere or pensive looking reception, restaurant or domestic staff ... all are focusing on their work. Once you smile and get talking to them they are more than helpful and attentive. The guest relations Angel is there 3 times a week and she speaks both English and Turkish. Most staff can understand basic English once they have tuned into the varied British accents and dialects!

Tourist Venues worthwhile visiting and within 15 minutes drive include the Kyrenia Harbour and the Old Castle, Bellapais Abbey and the Tree of all Idleness, and the fascinating and historic St Hilerion Castle. Further excursions depend on enthusiasm and interest.

I AM grateful to the Malpas Hotel & Casino and their staff for making my stay another enjoyable one and I look forward to returning as soon as possible, especially if I am offered another single supplement free deal!

Liked — Everything!
Disliked — That I had to return to UK

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  • Name: John Walker Scott
  • Location: Cornwall
  • Review Date: Apr 6, 2013
  • Date of Stay: March 2013
  • Travelled With: Myself

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