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“Already booked to return to the Malpas!”

I'm already booking to go back. Review over, that says it all! Well, in all seriousness, while I have actually booked to go back to Kyrenia in October this year and will be recommending the Malpas Hotel to everybody I know, there is a lot more to know about the hotel if you're to decide if it's the right place for you and your party. If you want a place that has friendly, helpful and competent staff, you can't go wrong with the Malpas (I know this sounds like a commercial for the place, but I'm pretty well travelled and know a very good hotel when I see one!). The hotel as a whole is kept very clean and fresh, with a lot of care taken to ensure the place leaves a good impression to all. I stayed over for 2 weeks, one with my family and one with work after they returned to the UK. Our rooms were not overly large, but they certainly weren't small either. Again, the rooms were clean and bright, well laid out and contained everything you'd expect and need. I enjoy a good soak in the tub after a long day and our rooms had both showers and baths which were in A1 condition no mould or algae anywhere. The sound proofing is pretty good. There were a few couples who tended to come back late after a few drinks in the bar, but once they were inside their room there were no issues with being disturbed. If you're one of those health types, the Malpas indoor pool and spa area is great. I for one prefer a slower pace of break and tended to read by the side of the pool, while the kids spent their free time splashing like stranded whales. On the evenings we opted to eat alternately in and out of the hotel and sampled some spectacular Northern Cyprus restaurants. The times we did eat in the Malpas was perfectly pleasant. Hotel restaurants can often get a little tiresome and repetitive but we really enjoyed the food here which was prepared well and without any concern of hygiene problems such as food sitting on hot plates for some time etc. My wife has also implored me to mention 'Go North Cyprus' holiday booking agents and particularly a chap called Gary who arranged the entire trip at the drop of a hat. She tells me it was a very smooth and enjoyable experience as opposed to the often stressful high-street haggle for a good deal. If you're a couple, family or just wanting a relaxing peaceful holiday, take a good look at the Malpas as in my opinion there's no better option in Northern Cyprus.

Liked — Fantastic staff, great place and excellent value
Disliked — I'd struggle to find something

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  • Name: Will Berrington
  • Location: Tamworth
  • Review Date: Mar 24, 2013
  • Date of Stay: March 2013
  • Travelled With: My wife and two children stayed with me for a week

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