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Savoy Ottoman Palace Hotel Kyrenia North Cyprus

This is a hotel review for Savoy Ottoman Palace Hotel in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

“Uncompromising, top quality service, staff, location and value for money.”

My family and I arrived on July 24th and thouroughly enjoyed our 12 nights. Our journey had been a little fraught as my 9 year old daughters case had been lost by B-A, en route to Istanbull. When we arrived at the Savoy, the staff immediately went out of their way to help. The car was parked and the cases taken to our room, everything was ready and waiting.

The quisine is excellent, and caters for all tastes, including our 9 year old daughter. The pool is spotless and the attendent deserves a special mention as nothing is too much trouble. Arranging and rearranging the sun shades, and constantly attentive with towls.

The room's were as expected, not spacious, but comfortable clean and kept clean.

My overall impression is that The Savoy Ottoman Palace has gone to a great deal of effort to ensure that the staff are as well versed as possible in offering the levell of service, that could be expected in some of the best European and American hotels.

Congratulation's and thank you, my daughter was in floods of tears when we checked out


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Reviewer Details

  • Name: Christopher Birks
  • Location: West Oxon
  • Review Date: Aug 9, 2010
  • Date of Stay: July 2010
  • Travelled With: Wife and 9 year old daughter

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