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Merit Park Hotel Kyrenia North Cyprus

This is a hotel review for Merit Park Hotel in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

“Mercure Hotel Review”

We stayed at the Mercure Hotel recently and I have to say, I was a little disappointed. First of all, they rate themselves a 5 star hotel but this hotel is definitely NOT a 5 star. Three star would be more like it. The hotel itself is very nice and it's in a lovely location with breathtaking north cyprus views, so in that respect I can't complain too much. The rooms are nice and kept clean and the staff is very polite and helpful. However, there were so many other things that caused us to dislike our stay here that I can't really give this hotel a high rating.

First of all, even though the staff at the Mercure Hotel were polite and seemed eager to please, they spoke very little English so there was a huge communication problem from day one. We noticed many patrons becoming frustrated due to the inability to communicate with the waiters in the dining room. Even one English speaking waiter would have been very helpful to have on staff.

And speaking of the dining room, even though we initially found the food to be delicious, since we were staying here for 10 days, we expected a little variety but instead found the same dishes were served over and over. I tried everything on the menu but by day three was very bored with the selections. Basically they served meatballs several different ways, grilled fish, grilled chicken, fish in sauce, chicken in sauce, and several kinds of pasta. No variety whatsoever. Even non-picky eaters would be bored with this menu after only a short time, as I was. To be fair, they did have a variety of salad options and several vegetarian dishes but nothing that really stood out.

The other annoyance was a nearby disco that stayed open until 5 am on the weekends. Although this isn't on hotel grounds and therefore the hotel can't really be held responsible, still it's close enough that it's an annoyance anyway. During the week we slept fine but over the course of the 2 weekends we were there, we got very little sleep on those nights which spoilt our northern cyprus exploring.

For me to want to stay here again, I'd need an updated menu with a larger variety of food options, along with someone on staff who speaks English, for starters. Then I'd keep in mind the local weekend nightlife and stay maybe on a Sunday through Friday and skip the weekend, although if you happen to love the nightlife, this might be a good choice.

Liked — Great scenery
Disliked — not much english spoken, repetitive menu

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  • Name: Sally Marcs
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Review Date: Jul 28, 2011
  • Date of Stay: July 2011
  • Travelled With: Hubby

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