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Malpas Hotel Kyrenia North Cyprus

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“Malpas Hotel, North Cyprus review”

My girlfriend and I made reservations at the Malpas Hotel (and casino) after seeing some very attractive photographs of the complex alongside its five-star rating. We were looking to enjoy a bit of luxury on our holiday, and whilst we weren't particularly keen on the gambling side of things this looked like to place to be.

Our first impression on arrival at the Malpas was that the pictures had been very flattering. The approach to the hotel is little more than a dirt track, and the complex itself is slightly less impressive in real life than in the photographs. However, this is often the case with a lot of hotels, and looks aren't everything so our mood wasn't dampened too much.

We received an okay welcome to the hotel- nothing special, but nothing that could be considered rude either. The interior was clean and reasonably nice, but we didn't spot anything that screamed “5 star”- something that was especially true of the rooms which might have been more befitting of a 2 or 3 star hotel instead. We ate several times inside the hotel, and never really ate anything beyond what we would have considered “standard fare” for a basic hotel restaurant. Given what we had paid to stay at the Malpas, this didn't really impress us.

We had a disappointing stay at the Malpas hotel, all things told. Service was reasonable, food and drink was expensive, and facilities were decidedly average. There seemed to be real tendency towards treating guests who were gambling fantastically well, whilst treating those guests who were not (i.e. us, and several other couples we spoke to) poorly. This is typical casino mentality, and not really acceptable behaviour from a place that is ultimately supposed to be a hotel first and a casino second.

Liked — a nice place to see
Disliked — wasnt treated as well as gambling residence

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Reviewer Details

  • Name: James Gail
  • Location: Weston Supermare
  • Review Date: Jan 29, 2011
  • Date of Stay: December 2010
  • Travelled With: Girlfriend

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