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Malpas Hotel Kyrenia North Cyprus

This is a hotel review for Malpas Hotel in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

“A Great Break & Start to 2014”

I am a strong supporter of the Malpas Hotel and my previous reviews have been honest and candid about my numerous stays spanning over 5 years. This 5 week stay covers the period 19 February to 26 March 2014.

I have no major points to complain about and any minor points can always be dealt with on the ground with the Customer Relations Angels or Hotel Management. The staff are always very helpful when asked to assist and all play their part in making the whole stay an enjoyable one. Also a Big Thank You to Bird & Baspinar Rent A Car companies for providing me with good cars during my stay for 10- a day all inclusive!

I have read that people still refer to the Star grading and i am amazed that they still remain ignorant of the fact that there is no internationally agreed Star Accreditation System in place and that each country offers a different experience. Expectations or comparisons with other countries should be dropped when travelling to new vacation spots like Northern Cyprus. People should enjoy "what is", and "enjoy the moment" instead of wasting their precious holiday time comparing and judging with past experiences elsewhere! Yes, of course, everyone has their own perspective and perceptions about vacations and hotels but these deals are excellent value for money by anyone's standards! Get over it and live your life!

I am absolutely gob-smacked by some of the comments which appear on TripAdvisor from spineless people, the majority of whom, didn't have the courtesy or courage to make their points known whilst staying at the hotel. If they had taken the time to read past reviews on all sites they would have known exactly what the Malpas offers and does not offer. Standards have certainly fallen in the type of British people who travel these days and i for one would not like to share my precious time on this earth with some of them. The management and staff of the Malpas have had to put up with a lot of these moaner-groaners, to my shame. I know that i can be a Victor Meldrum sometimes with a very dry sense of humour but i know i am fair and forgiving but also appreciative of anything and everything when it comes to the deals offered by some agencies to holiday at the Malpas. Gratitude should definitely be the Attitude, always and in all ways ....

Let me put something into perspective here about reviews. The majority of guests have been totally happy with their hotel experience and need not and prefer not to place their experience online; some do though. But those very few moaning grumblers, mainly from the UK, who feel unsatisfied with their value for money stays go out of their way to put a negative review online count only in the few dozen at most, in fact well under 1%, over a 12 month period compared to the tens of thousands who have enjoyed their stay without complaints this last year!!

Well, now i have expressed my frustration about the negativity from some people, i can now tell you that The Malpas gets My Vote any day for North Cyprus! I have travelled the world extensively in both a professional and private capacity and have the ability to assess standards of management and service very quickly and honestly and I let the Management know my views. I personally love the Staff, the Rooms, the Gym, the Views, the Location, the Winter Prices and The Service! If you would like to know more, email me. Your man in Kyrenia *****

Liked — Almost Everything
Disliked — Having to Leave

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Reviewer Details

  • Name: Walker Scott
  • Location: Cornwall
  • Review Date: Mar 20, 2014
  • Date of Stay: March 2014
  • Travelled With: My Body, Mind & Soul

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