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Jasmine Court Hotel Kyrenia North Cyprus

This is a hotel review for Jasmine Court Hotel in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

“Not one of the better places we've booked in Northern Cyprus!”

We couldn't have been more disappointed with the Jasmine Court Hotel. There is an expectation in this day and age that (with tools such as the internet, which usually allow you to get a detailed perspective on things before you pay for them) you will at least have some idea about the quality of accommodation before you arrive. Sadly, due to the intentionally misleading nature of the Jasmine Court's website and what I suspect are false reviews online, we were left completely unprepared for the state of the place.

It's difficult to know where to start a description of this hotel. The room we were assigned was poorly equipped, in spite of repeated assurances when we spoke with the manager by telephone that it would definitely be newly decorated and fully equipped with with the conveniences we were used to from home. In reality, the most recent refurbishment the room could possibly have had took place in the mid-90s, and it could hardly have been called 'modern' even then. The bathroom was in a similar vein, with the added bonus of having not been cleaned before we arrived so there were hairs and grime everywhere. It's never nice to feel like you might get dirtier rather than cleaner when you take a shower!

We also found the restaurant to be embarrassingly bad. The 'fish bar' offered only two kinds of fish, both of which looked less than fresh to say the least. Hygiene didn't appear to be much of a priority either- the man wiping down the tables between meals insisted on using a very greasy, nearly-black dish towel which left a damp smell all over the place. Sufficed to say we only made the mistake of eating at the Jasmine Court once during our stay. Who knows, perhaps they were just having an off day!

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Reviewer Details

  • Name: M.S Jones
  • Location: Wales, UK
  • Review Date: Apr 28, 2012
  • Date of Stay: April 2012
  • Travelled With: My wife

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