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Bella View Hotel Kyrenia North Cyprus

This is a hotel review for Bella View Hotel in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

“A good place to stay - Bella View Hotel”

The Bella View Hotel was recommended to us by some friends who often stay in Northern Cyprus with us, but had gone alone last year because of scheduling clashes. We booked almost straight away on the back of their glowing report, and headed out there a couple of short months later.

Our first impression of the Bella View was as good as we'd hoped. It is, although small, an extremely aesthetically pleasing hotel which offers great views of the surrounding areas. Also, in return for a little extra travelling time between the hotel and the airport, you get a refreshing sense of isolation from the nearby towns and bars. This seemed to be exactly the kind of hotel we were after.

The service was also brilliant. We were greeted (in perfect English) by the staff at reception and it was made very clear that if we had any problems or requests then we should make it known and they'd do their best to get it done. We were then shown to an incredibly comfortable, clean and spacious room where we could unpack, ready for our holiday.

After that, things took a bit of a turn for the worst. We ate a meal at the hotel that night which cost us a great deal of money, given the disappointing quality of the food. Surprised, we made plans to eat out the following night, but quickly realised that because of the distance of the hotel from the nearby amenities it was going to cost us a significant amount of time and money to reach them.

Our holiday continued in the same up-and-down fashion. Whilst we were wowed by the quality of the hotel itself and the excellent service, we were less than impressed by the price and standard of the food and drink on offer, and by the fact that we didn't seem to have much choice except to grin and bear it.

Liked — v comfortable room
Disliked — food wasnt great

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Reviewer Details

  • Name: J. Wellington
  • Location: Calne
  • Review Date: Jan 27, 2011
  • Date of Stay: January 2011
  • Travelled With: family members

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