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Almond Holiday Village Kyrenia North Cyprus

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“Almond Village Hotel”

A few months ago we enjoyed our second two week stay the the Almond Village in as many years. I've been busy catching up on work from our time away since then but now I've got a few spare minutes I feel it's worth writing up a quick review for anyone who wants to visit Northern Cyprus and is stuck with the decision of where to stay.

We were recommended the hotel by a booking agent we've used many times before (Sue from Evidently, given that this is our second stay (and fairly long term one at that- a total of 14 nights) we are big fans of the Almond Village. This time we had the good fortune to be put in a room which looked out from the front of the hotel, and thus facing the sea. As others have mentioned, this is a bit of a double edged sword in some respects because you do get a lot of peripheral noise from visitors in the downstairs bar and lounge- particularly when they leave afterwards. Our advice would be to make sure your windows and doors are shut if you're put in one of these rooms- the air condition works better that way and you're more likely to get a good night's sleep.

Breakfast and dinner service is always friendly and the staff have an almost preternatural ability to remember guest's names which, whilst very nice, did leave us feeling a bit guilty for taking a few days to remember theirs. The food is freshly cooked and well seasoned- in our experience pretty much a match for any of the paid restaurants nearby and we did struggle to find the motivation to go out and try somewhere new on several occasions.

The hotel itself is somehow always pristine- cleaners make themselves quite scarce but seem to do a very thorough job- and the resort's gardens are obviously tended by a very skilled gardener indeed. It was nice to be able to spend some time amidst the greenery which is sometimes a little lacking in Mediterranean locations I find.

The only real negative point we could make was that at busy periods at the Almond Village it gets very busy indeed. We did have to relocate to a quieter area at times when the pool was over crowded or there was a lot of noise in the evenings but we can't fault so many people for wanting to converge on such a lovely hotel.

Liked — always incredibly clean
Disliked — can be very busy and loud at times

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  • Name: Mark Black
  • Location: London
  • Review Date: Nov 18, 2012
  • Date of Stay: September 2012
  • Travelled With: My partner

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